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Below are some of the many success stories from our customers

Details of how Pro-Equine Products came to the rescue and changed a horse’s life for the better!


“I have been fighting issues with my horse’s legs for around 7 months and nothing was working. I bought Pro-Equine’s Neem Oil at Blair International Horse Trials. It began working within 3 days which was amazing. It’s very easy to use and reapply without the fuss and hassle of washing and drying the skin and hair first, like many other lotions I was given by the vet.” Liz S

“I have a 14 year old mare and I decided I would start to feed a mobility supplement. I put her on Activgait and in less than a month I started to notice a difference. She became quite a bit more athletic in her movement and was certainly feeling good within herself. Usually I would look to try and boost her energy at competitions but that is not necessary when she is on the Activgait supplement, and to top it off her marks for her extended trot work have increased by at least one mark since putting her on Activgait! I am so delighted with this product – it certainly does what it says on the tin!!!” Lauren C

Colikare – wow! My horse has had BIG issues – we’ve almost lost him twice. I put him on Colikare 3 years ago and no more vet visits! I can’t believe it works that well. I give it to him all year round and I have a happy, healthy horse. Mud Bug Buster – I use this on my horse as soon as it gets muddy and wet to avoid scabby legs and it’s amazing. Thank you, Pro-Equine.” Gemma N

“I was at my wit’s end with my 5 year old gelding and was even considering selling him when I saw Ulsa-Soothe on display at Blair Atholl and thought I’d give it a try. I’d tried everything else anyway! I noticed a difference in him within a week and couldn’t believe it. I even took him on a hack which I never had the confidence to do with him before as I was unsure of his behaviour, and he didn’t bat an eyelid. I would recommend this product to anyone with a nervy animal and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.” Liz S

“The shop where I buy my equestrian goodies had run out of my usual supplement (I do use supplements as my horses are stabled every night and I prefer to try to “avoid” problems) and I bought a bottle of Airway to ‘make do’ till my usual came in. I am still using Airway 6 months later and now have 4 horses on it. As far as I am concerned I feel there is a definite improvement in the school work as in the length of time they can work before tiring and in their breathing after hard work. I am never without a bottle now in the tack room.” Moyra C

“I’ve been using your Neem Oil recently for a couple of different things. The three boys all have half a mane having been rubbed out by fly rugs over the summer and I can see a difference in the hair re-growth already! Also, I’ve been using it on their legs to avoid problems, it’s great as the mud just slides off. It’s such a great product as can be used for so many things – good  to have in the grooming kit! Thanks.”Jane E

“Hi, just getting in touch to say that once again I am completely blown away by the Aloe Vera & Manuka Gel. I was given a 7 year old labrador who has spent all his life in a kennel. The tip of his tail had been split time and time again, and the last inch or so was bald and all scar tissue. When he first came to me, his tail split open nearly every day, with lots of blood everywhere. I tried using a chemical ointment, but it wasn’t really improving, just holding the situation in neutral. Then I remembered the Manuka Gel we keep and use in the pet hotel. I started putting a little dab on the end of his tail once or twice a day. Within a week it healed over, which I was pleased about. Then, a few weeks later, I noticed a little hair sprouting from the scar tissue. 6 weeks on and the hair has nearly all grown back! I am completely amazed, as I never thought it would grow hair again, after such long term damage! I have also been dabbing a bit on the bald patches he has on hocks and elbow from lying on hard beds and on his stifle and pastern from self-inflicted stress injuries. These are now growing hair again too – and I have never seen that happen!” Jo P

“I’ve got a 13 year old golden retriever who was getting very stiff and really slowing up. Heard about Activgait and thought we would try it on him – could not believe the difference in him! He went running out the back door, surprising himself, and running round the garden! He can now go for longer walks again and his whole personality has gone back to what he was before. Even getting in and out his basket is so much easier for him now – he is one happy dog again. I can’t recommend Activgait enough. Murphy says thank you xx” Lynn

“My horse, Jaz, is quite stiff in his right hind and finds it difficult not to snatch his foot away from the farrier when being shod. When he was first shod after being put on Activgait, the farrier asked what was wrong with Jaz as he never once tried to move his foot away. On the second shoeing, Jaz was even better behaved and back to his former gentlemanly self. I will certainly keep on giving him Activgait as there is such a difference in him. The other alternative is to give him Bute etc but there is no need for that now! I’d recommend it to anyone with a horse or pony that is “slightly stiff”. Wonder if they do one for humans…?” Liz G

Alternative Fly Gel is a fantastic product which actually works! I use it on my horses to prevent midges and flies from biting and also use on areas where my Connemara has itched his mane and tail and the hair is already growing back. I also use it on myself to stop midges as they seem to love me but not when I use this product!!” JJ

“I have a 14.4hh cob x shire mare who has regularly shown signs of having an uncomfortable stomach. We have had the vets involved, even having her scoped to look into the stomach for abnormalities to no avail. Using Colikare has certainly helped Bess. I have arrived on the yard to fetch her in and found her with a bloated stomach, wind and even refluxes. I have given her a good measure of Colikare and very quickly she is more or less totally alright. I have even given it to my other mare. I would recommend Colikare to anyone with similar problems with their horse.” Bev M

“I have a black Welsh cob who is always hot and sweaty after lessons or competing. Coolwash is brilliant as I just add a splash to water, wash him down, scrape it off and that’s it! No need to rinse. Thomas loves it as it gets rid of the sweat and the peppermint cools him down quickly too and leaves a nice smell!” Jane E

“I just wanted to say how brilliant the Itch-Eze Gel is – my Icelandic started rubbing the non-mane side of his neck and I was starting to panic … I had a good look and found a few big beastie bites deep down at the base of the mane… one rub of Itch-Eze for 3 days and no more itching – thank you!” Pauline K

“I used Itch-eze Gel on my Welsh Sec D who was bitten last summer and by the next day all the lumps were down and he was able to go in the show ring without unsightly lumps. I will always have some in my grooming kit now.” JE

“I used the Lavender Shampoo last season on my filly and found it was an excellent conditioning shampoo, leaving the coat, mane and tail with a lustrous shine and Miranda winning the championship and four reserves in only four outings.” Hazel O

“At Burgie a few weeks ago I purchased Lavender Sunblock for my chestnut mare and am delighted that her pink nose and heels have been absolutely fine during the recent sunny summer weather. She has sensitive skin but the product has not caused any sign of irritation and lasts all day. My livery friends are now applying Lavender Sun Block to their horses, hence my order, but have been advised to buy their own!! Many thanks.” Tracey G

“I am very pleased with your pure organic Neem Oil, now on my 2nd litre bottle this summer. I have 2 cobs who get itchy and rub and find this to be of great help in the summer. It keeps flies and midges away and leaves skin soft. One of my mares gets bites under her belly/udder area so I plaster it on and she is bite free, but if I don’t do it and she gets a few bites I put it on them and it reduces the itching and the bites have more or less gone by the next day. I also use it on manes and tails and the midges just hover above them. Brilliant product and natural too!” Maria

“For dry skin I have my horses on herbal supplements but I also use Bug Buster Shampoo which is nothing short of amazing. Every last flake of dandruff, dry skin and crusty little patches vanished. Their skin is soft, and their coats glisten in the sunlight, and shimmer in the moonlight. My gelding hates being bathed, but the results were so successful, I no longer care that I have to chase his bum back and forth to wash him. It’s well worth the effort. For a topical solution, look no more. This is it.” SLH

“Great product! My old pony had started rubbing his tail and ended up looking bald. I washed his tail with the Peppermint Shampoo (this was a couple of weeks ago) and he hasn’t touched it again since. His tail also looks thicker and in better condition now than it has done in the 17 plus years previous.” Georgina

“My 16.1 TB gelding has digestion issues. After his last bad spell, he had dramatic weight loss, seemed depressed and a total change of character. He went from being a feisty animal to a meek, quite pathetic-looking horse. I tried him on Pro-Stamina, for the first week I added it to his feed twice a day then dropped it to once daily and within 10 days the difference in my horse was amazing. He began to put weight back on, his coat was in a much better condition, he no longer seemed depressed and was slowly returning to his normal feisty self. I would recommend this product to anyone – I found it amazing and my horse did too.” Sharon C

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