Horse respiratory health problems can be noticed with subtle signs that a horse is below par, such as exercise intolerance and poor performance. Herbs have been used for centuries as an aid for a healthy immune system, in humans and horses alike! Research has shown that giving horses certain herbs can have a positive influence on their red blood cells and haemoglobin – the molecule that transports oxygen to the cells(1).

Airway for treatment of horses with cough

Clear breathing with Pro-Breathe for better performance

Pro-Equine has developed two supplements to encourage full capacity of horse respiratory and lung function in horses and to support a healthy immune system. Containing a powerful blend of herbs traditionally used for breathing issues, Airway is particularly recommended for horses exposed to a dusty environment or even slightly dusty forage. Pro-Breathe was developed for racehorses to facilitate optimum lung function and performance. Both supplements conform to FEI regulations so can be used while competing.

Coughing horse echinacea lungs COPD

Herbs in Airway have been clinically tested

Both horse respiratory supplements can be fed to your horse on a regular basis or just when needed, such as during the winter months. Both can be given before, during and after competing and when a horse is recovering from illness.

(1) Immunological and haematinic consequences of feeding a standardised Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) extract to healthy horses by W O’Neill 1, S McKee, A F Clarke

The shop where I buy my equestrian goodies had run out of my usual supplement (I do use supplements as my horses are stabled every night and I prefer to try to “avoid” problems) and I bought a bottle of Airway to ‘make do’ till my usual came in. I am still using Airway 6 months later and now have 4 horses on it. As far as I am concerned the horses can work for longer before tiring and tolerate more hard work. I am never without a bottle now in the tack room. -Moyra C

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