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Meeting the demands of performance horses and targeting overall health in the face of rigorous training, travelling and competing can be complex and daunting. Your horse’s health can be challenged in many ways reducing performance and recovery. The aim is to reach fitness targets more quickly, and with better results, and to reduce recovery times. An area often missed is the vascular, cardiovascular, lymphatic and urinary health of the performance horse.
Pro-Stamina is formulated to meet the demands of horses during intense work using a concentrated blend of herbal extracts to aid vascular, immune and digestive efficiency. Pro-Stamina is designed to promote stamina and to reduce recovery times. It is rich in iron and vitamins C and E to help the urinary tract. Pro-Stamina promotes appetite and digestion. It is also designed to reduce muscle tightness during and after exercise and to reduce recovery times. A healthy horse is also more resistant to stable viruses and infections. Pro-Stamina is a concentrated formula with no added additives, preservatives or carrier base. It works quickly and, because it does not contain any banned substances, can be used while competing.
Cleavers helps the urinary and digestive tract. Dandelion leaves are rich in potassium and stimulate the excretion of water via the kidneys and also act as a liver and digestive tonic. Horse chestnut contains aescin to help the strength and elasticity of fragile vessels. Hawthorn works on the circulation throughout the body. Liquorice contains pigments known as flavanoids which can lower gastric secretions. Red clover contains the powerful antioxidant tocopherol, which is a form of Vitamin E, for cardiovascular health and optimum lung function. Oatseed can ease stress on the nervous system during training and competition helping to reduce wasteful energy and promote optimum focus. Couchgrass is rich in vitamins and iron. It helps the condition of the urinary tract and is high in antioxidant activity. 

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