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Wunder gel & Neem Oil Offer
Michele Raworth (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

I haven't tried the Neem oil yet, but the Wundergel works well at healing fairly quickly, especially on my skin. The ponies don't like the smell! It's great to be able to trust a natural product.

Excellent product

This product not only keeps flies off, it is also kind enough to spray on cuts or scratches as it has healing properties. Highly recommended

Buy 2 Neem Oil 1 Litre get a FREE Bug Buster Shampoo
Briony King (Shipston on Stour, England, United Kingdom)
Love this product

I use neem oil to make fly spray and it’s a great alternative to the ready make products on the market. Safe for sensitive skinned horses with no chemicals!

Fly Spray and Refill pack, save £3
Emily Eudall (Oakham, England, United Kingdom)
Great value

Really good value for money and an effective product.

Arrived swiftly and appears to work as well, if not better, than deet and other fly sprays that I have used on my pony. She has scrubbed off her mane, but no nasty inflamed or open wounds.

Midge-Los Spray
Wendy Taylor (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Best repellant I've ever used. Keeps biting beasties and annoying flies at a distance.
This is the only natural repellant I've ever found to work better than jungle formula. Fantastic stuff 😊

Gillian Fowlie
Never let me down

I used this for 10 years before moving onto something a little stronger for my veterans who at the ages of 18 and 20 are only starting to feel their joints. I totally believe by using Activgate all this time that we have prolonged their joint health. Now I have a youngster I'm back using it.

Gail Hutchinson (Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom)
Gassy horse

I bought this after an expensive vets visit after my horse had colic brought on by a field change and stressful dentist visit. He is a sensitive beast and had lots of gas. It has helped to relieve this for him. I have bought a further larger bottle to give him as we have another field change soon. Hopefully it will help him.

Wunder Gel with Neem
Sabrina Willis
I share the Wonders of Wunder Gel with many

This product has been used with success on several horses - so when anyone asks what I use for itchy damaged skin I am more than happy to provide them with details

Midge-Los Spray
Colin Mcghee (Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Good stuff

I have been looking for a good alternative to the mainstream products available.
I have given this product a 5star review because it’s worked for me so far as I walk my dog daily through hatches of midges and clegs/horse flys. Good stuff and smells okay.

Morag Wheeler (Paddington, England, United Kingdom)
It works!

Well sorry to say it smells pretty bad. But wow it is effective. My horse has been suffering from a dry cough lately so I thought I would give Airway a try, I have tried other remedies, and 1 week later his cough seems to have gone. Out in the sand arena in the heat today and he did not cough once. I am delighted. Thank you

Very effective

Works well to stop midge attacks. Noticeable difference if I don’t use it. Horses love it so I think it must be soothing as well.

Lavender Sunblock
Hayley S (Liverpool, England, United Kingdom)
Lavender sunblock

This product is amazing, iv used many sun creams before but my horses nose has still ended up burnt and scabby but with lavender sunblock he nose has stayed soft and squishy lol love it

Alternative Fly Spray

My horse sneezes a lot and nose starts running with all chemical based fly sprays plus they dont really seem to work very well for him. So after coming across this product I thought why not. no sneezing, no runny nose and seems to do the trick to keep the pests away

Wunder gel & Neem Oil Offer
Diane Hayes (Leeds, England, United Kingdom)
Bargain pack!

Fab items, multiple uses, helping my boy to stop itching, and keeping flies off his wound too-double bonus

Jane Baldwin
Superb product

Amazing product and great service

EMMA HOGG (Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Pro equine Aloemega

I love this product, bought a litre bottle from local supplier for a few months then they didn’t have any in stock so bought a 5l bottle direct from pro equine. My horses coat is gleaming, even a farrier on our yard commented on how shiny she was and she has been in box rest for 5 months. She seems to be much more comfortable in her belly area, she used to grump when getting belly or flanks groomed or touched. I originally bought it for aloe Vera as I heard it was good for gut issues. It has definitely helped my sensitive part bred arab mare!
DPD delayed the delivery a couple of times but I still received it within a week of dispatch, though that was not Pro equines fault.
All in I love this product and will continue to use. Thank you

Anne McEwen

I have just started using it but it smells amazing and brings my ponies white coat up beautifully and removes the marks from this saddle extra after riding

Deborah Gee (Nottingham, England, United Kingdom)
Must have for older horses

My mare and latterly my pony have been on this for 18 months and I have had no gassy colic or any other gut discomfort. They both love it and I leave them on a maintenance dose all year round. My pony had a hindgut displacement with full surgery in 2017 and he always struggles when his diet changes in the winter, but so far on this no issues. Great

Fiona (Flint, Wales, United Kingdom)
Ulsa Soothe

My Cob gelding has never been easy or straightforward to ride or train but following a shoulder injury which involved him not being ridden for almost a year his behaviour worsened and he became “explosive”. What made his latest behaviour even more difficult to manage was the fact it was random and could be for no obvious reason. Having tried numerous calmers with limited success I decided to try a gastric supplement, more in hope than expectation. Surprisingly he showed an improvement but the product came as a fine powder which my boy did not like. I mentioned this latest problem to my riding instructor, Jane, who suggested Ulsa Soothe which came in liquid form. As Jane used Ulsa Soothe on her own horse she gave me a sample as a taste test for my fussy eater - he scoffed the lot! I have almost finished the smallest sized bottle and I now have a relaxed and completely different horse who am enjoying riding for the first time in a very long time. I am absolutely delighted with his progress and will continue to give him Ulsa Soothe.

Deborah Hirst-Gee (Nottingham, England, United Kingdom)
Fabulous product

My older mare started with a bit of gassy colic the summer before last and so I searched on line and came up with Colikare. No more gassy colic and she absolutely loves the taste, licks her feed bowl for ages! She gets a maintenance dose in the winter and then I keep an eye on when she first goes out in the summer and if she starts to get a bit “windy” I up the dose for a few days until she settles down. Brilliant

Holly (Banchory, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Love this in the frosty weather. I use it adhoc to keep my youngster happy in the frosty weather. I also use it if either of my horses have had a change in routine or away competing for a couple of days. Both horses now never showing signs of an upset tummy.

Liquid Gold

My gelding has had a really dry cough the past few weeks, the dry air, stabling and hay has just caused some allergies and a build up in mucus on his chest. Anyway, I have tried every single respiratory supplement out there and thought let’s give this a go. Was willing to try anything to make him feel a bit better. 4 days in using this supplement and oh my days, I actually can’t believe it. I haven’t heard him cough a single time. Absolute madness that something can work that quick. It will be a definite staple in our feed room!

Mud Bug Buster
With Grace
Brilliant products.

Last year we used the Neem Oil, but the small bottle was out of stock, so we went for the Mud Bug Buster. It smells nice and goes on really easily to protect our pony's white legs and it has the advantage of not needing to be warmed up in the winter like the Neem Oil. Great products from Pro-Equine, we always keep them in our grooming kit.

Itch-eze gel

We have continued to use the Itch-eze gel during the summer & autumn months. It brings amazing relief to our pony who suffers badly from Sweet Itch. He has actually stopped rubbing his tail & you would never know that it was very bald twelve months ago. The skin on his bald withers looks so much calmer. You can sense that he sighs with relief when we apply the gel. It must be so soothing & smells delicious.

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