Mud Bug Buster

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A long-lasting, antibacterial and waterproof paste. No need to wash or scrub, simply apply to dry legs before turning out. Includes key ingredients such as Neem and resins from Sumatra. The scabs are softened and easily removed, encourages healthy skin repair and hair re-growth.

This superior ointment is non-irritating, immediately tackles itching and provides 24-hour protection from the elements.

Mud Bug Buster is an ideal solution to protect vulnerable areas and minor wounds exposed to wet and muddy conditions.


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With Grace
Brilliant products.

Last year we used the Neem Oil, but the small bottle was out of stock, so we went for the Mud Bug Buster. It smells nice and goes on really easily to protect our pony's white legs and it has the advantage of not needing to be warmed up in the winter like the Neem Oil. Great products from Pro-Equine, we always keep them in our grooming kit.

The best on the market!

The time of year has hit again… when I’ve just taken this out of my potions drawer, so I thought I’d leave a review! Ella has had mud fever every winter I’ve had her, I’ve tried various things, spent lots of money, with no resolve until I came across this! Her mud fever has never been awful, but always stubborn to get rid of when it does come. This has compleatly out a stop to it, I wash her legs with “bug buster” shampoo on a weekend, then slather this on generously, I generally do a top up once or twice through the week once her legs are dry once she’s inside and that’s it, not a scab to be found! Honestly a life saver for us!

Ola Kramarczyk
I’m happy with your product

It’s very sticky, def waterproof

Mud Bug Buster with Neem

This is truly a wonder product! It calms irritated skin very rapidly. I purchased it for my OTT Thoroughbred and it has done its job amazingly. I will definitely be purchasing it again

Francesca Atkinson
Love this product

Use this product as a long-lasting barrier to flies around any wounds or fly-sensitive areas of my mate, and find it worked really well. Provides a good barrier and lasts for a couple of days.

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