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Ulsa-Soothe is made up of 7 carefully selected ingredients to help support your horse’s gastric and digestive health. It provides a light and soothing layer to the stomach, lubricates the digestive tract and, importantly, does not inhibit natural acid production which is important for healthy digestion in a horse. This anti-oxidant and omega rich formula also includes ingredients to help reduce adrenal fatigue and stress-related issues. Ulsa-Soothe reduces uncomfortable gassy build ups, common during stress, and improves appetite and digestion.

Ulsa-Soothe suits horses frequently stabled, subject to routine changes and/or to stress. Ulsa-Soothe is also aimed at horses that need re-establishment of a healthy gut, especially after a course of aggressive drugs. Ulsa-Soothe is suitable for horses showing behavioural issues, such as being spooky, lack of concentration, being girthy or disliking grooming.

The happy harmony of ingredients help improve overall health and performance. Ulsa-Soothe can be fed long-term to horses at a maintenance level.

Owners report changes in their horse in a matter of days of giving Ulsa-Soothe. We recommend giving 25ml of Ulsa-Soothe with feed twice daily initially and then reducing this to 15ml twice daily. Some owners find that 15ml just once a day is enough to have a positive effect – it’s a case of “horses for courses”!!

All Pro-Equine products comply with FEI and HRA regulations.

We welcome enquiries for bulk orders from livery and racing yards.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Liquorice, Slippery Elm, Seabuckthorn, Peppermint, Fennel, Oatseed

Feeding Guidelines: Add 25ml to feed twice daily. Amount can be increased or reduced as suits your horse.

Analytical constituents: Ash 1.43%, Calcium 1877mg/kg, Fat 1.10%, Fibre <0.5%, Magnesium 810mg/kg, Moisture 87.49%, Phosphorous 179mg/kg, Protein 0.90%, Sodium 900mg/kg

Reviews & Ratings

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Fiona (Flint, Wales, United Kingdom)
Ulsa Soothe

My Cob gelding has never been easy or straightforward to ride or train but following a shoulder injury which involved him not being ridden for almost a year his behaviour worsened and he became “explosive”. What made his latest behaviour even more difficult to manage was the fact it was random and could be for no obvious reason. Having tried numerous calmers with limited success I decided to try a gastric supplement, more in hope than expectation. Surprisingly he showed an improvement but the product came as a fine powder which my boy did not like. I mentioned this latest problem to my riding instructor, Jane, who suggested Ulsa Soothe which came in liquid form. As Jane used Ulsa Soothe on her own horse she gave me a sample as a taste test for my fussy eater - he scoffed the lot! I have almost finished the smallest sized bottle and I now have a relaxed and completely different horse who am enjoying riding for the first time in a very long time. I am absolutely delighted with his progress and will continue to give him Ulsa Soothe.

Sally Chicken (Royston, England, United Kingdom)
Good stuff

After using the 500ml pack I have now ordered the bigger size as I think this is settling my horses gut. He has stopped pulling himself up when being ridden and the angry swishing of the tail has ceased. He seems happier in himself. The liquid is very tasty with a strong mint and liquorice smell. He is a fussy eater but likes the taste of this.

Maggie Eaton (Welshpool, Wales, United Kingdom)

Excellent. Droppings firmer and he seems happier.

Sam Russell (Balham, England, United Kingdom)
Game changer

For about 10 years my cob cross native has struggled with a gassy uncomfortable tummy, I’ve spent thousands on so many different supplements and feeds to no avail, I wish I’d have found ulsa-soothe sooner it’s the only stuff I’ve tried which gets rid of his uncomfortable gassy tummy and settles him so much when ridden, before we spent ages arguing whether he wanted to run to the corner of the arena to stop for a poo or to let some gas off!! Within a few days of feeding this it eases, I even tried switching to the Colikare but his uncomfortable tummy and gassiness returned. He’s never been diagnosed with ulcers and I’ve discussed my concerns with my vets previously but this stuff honestly is incredible I won’t be without it now!

Kirsty (Tottenham, England, United Kingdom)
Great for a horse who isn't that keen on certain things!

I don't tend to leave reviews, but I will break the mould on this occasion! I use Ulsa-Soothe on my mare at the recommendation of a friend of mine. To the best of my knowledge, my mare does not have ulcers, but can occasionally throw in some spectacular spooks in the arena or out hacking. I use the recommended amount in her feed daily, and very soon started seeing a difference in the arena. She is still sassy, but I just noticed subtle differences in her spooking. She would still notice things, but instead of falling to the ground with fright, she just kinda looks at it and carries on with her day. Same out hacking: whilst she is still aware of what's around her, and will notice things that she conceives to be 'scary,' her response to them is different. Not wanting to jinx things, but I now have a horse that I feel safer on due to reduced spectacular spooking events, but with the same level of sass and personality!

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