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Ideal for the itchy horse. Itch-Eze gel consists of several natural ingredients in a light Aloe Vera gel. Once applied it instantly cools and soothes irritated areas giving immediate relief to itchy skin, insect bites, stings, hives, lumps and bumps. For horses that are continuously rubbing areas raw, this is the ideal application to apply to worst affected areas, usually top of the tail and mane.

Horses itch and rub for many reasons and in particular during the summer months when flies and biting insects are a nuisance. Having a product such as this at hand helps keep your horse happy and stress free.

Itch-Eze Gel is available in 150g and 300g sizes and for extra coverage try the Itch-Eze Spray 250ml or 500ml.

A natural cooling and soothing Aloe gel formula for itchy horse relief.

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Itch-eze gel

We have continued to use the Itch-eze gel during the summer & autumn months. It brings amazing relief to our pony who suffers badly from Sweet Itch. He has actually stopped rubbing his tail & you would never know that it was very bald twelve months ago. The skin on his bald withers looks so much calmer. You can sense that he sighs with relief when we apply the gel. It must be so soothing & smells delicious.

Itch-Eze Gel

Great service. Great product. It’s really soothing for Equines with Sweetitch.

Donna Ritchie
Itch-Eze = Sting relief

As a beekeeper, I now keep this little pot of 'Eze' in my fridge all the time. Getting stung is a hazard of the hobby, but this super cool gel soothes instantly and lasts. I still take the anti-histamines but this gives instant relief and as there is no limit to how often it can be used I can reapply with each hand wash.

Karen Davies
Really works

I wondered how long the tube will last because I could drown my horse in past anti itch stuff for it to have some effect, but this really works. I might be in a chance of saving his mane (the 1st time in many years) and instantly stopped scratching is bum. Oh and we love the minty smell!

Kathy Nichols
Great for itchy manes

Soothed and healed my boys mane in a couple of days

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