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A light, hydrating Aloe Vera spray for your itchy horse that provides instant, super-cooling relief to problem areas. Hydrates and softens dry, damaged skin. Reduces itching and calms red inflamed skin tissue.

Ideal for horses that rub parts of their body due to insect bites and allergies.

Ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Cajeput


Itchy horse soothing and cooling spray with natural ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

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Sara Bryans (Glenrothes, Scotland, United Kingdom)
Lovely stuff!

Bought for my Shetland who is always scratching, I've seen a definite reduction in itching after only a few uses.

I've also been using on my ISH who gets really dry and sensitive skin at this time of year. His skin looks much better and it smells delicious!

With Grace
Instant relief for an itchy mane!

We have used this on our pony who has been itching his mane when he has come in after wearing his fly rug all day. It gives him instant relief and smells really nice too!

Melissa Brooks
Excellent product

One of our horses tested positive to numerous allergies and so we try our hardest to keep him away and off anything that causes them but it is sometimes difficult. He gets an extremely skin when he’s suffering badly and so we have used Itch-Eze Spray for him for a few years now. The effect is instant and it smells great!

Lindsey Morrison
Noticeable Progress

I have a pony that suffers with severe allergies and been fighting against for some time, I started using this spray and in the space of one day after first application the inflammation in his skin had gone down massively and looked far less angry. I have a long way to go with this pony but very impressed with this product! I would like to see it available in a much bigger bottle though, just because I’m going through it pretty quickly. Highly recommended!

Kathy Nichols
Great for itchy manes

My lad pulled his mane out from scratching on a tree his skin was so sore
Within a couple of days hes stopped scratching and his skin has settled down lovely.
Unfortunately he's still got bald patches!!

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