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A powerful, antibacterial and anti-fungal aid for mud fever, sweet-itch, wound care and problem skin conditions.

Neem oil can be used neat for mud fever. It softens and removes scabs, reduces itching and inflammation, encourages  hair re-growth and creates a waterproof barrier. No need for wet scrubs, once applied Neem oil does all the work. Neem oil should be rubbed directly on the infected area up to twice a day. Neem oil can also be used to prevent infection. If you know your horse is going to be in mud, apply a thick layer of Neem oil before turn out.

Neem oil also deters flies, lice, mites (including red mite in poultry) and the biting midge which causes sweet-itch. Neem is tough on fungal and bacterial infections. It can also be used on pets and humans.

Please note our Neem Oil is 100% cold-pressed oil with no additives or preservatives so it will solidify at low temperatures. We recommend during the winter you decant the oil into a smaller, microwavable container.

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