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Our special offer includes a Mud Bug Buster 300g for muddy leg issues, and either a 500ml Activgait, Airway, Colikare OR 1 Litre Aloemega supplement – for the special price of £25 inc VAT.

A long-lasting, antibacterial and waterproof paste. No need to wash or scrub, simply apply to dry legs before turning out. Includes key ingredients such as Neem and resins from Sumatra. The scabs are softened and easily removed, encourages healthy skin repair and hair re-growth.

This superior ointment is non-irritating, immediately tackles itching and provides 24-hour protection from the elements. Mud Bug Buster is an ideal solution to protect vulnerable areas and minor wounds exposed to wet and muddy conditions.

Tell us your choice of 500ml supplement to complete the special offer.

Activgait, horse joint supplement is carefully formulated to support equine joint mobility and cartilage health. Activgait helps suppleness and elasticity in horses young and old. Activgait helps to maintain joint health, circulation and aid the speedy delivery of the key ingredients to muscle and joints, results can be seen very quickly. Fast-acting and natural, Activgait horse joint supplement can be given regularly or just when needed, for example when competing or after heavy exertion. Often a small amount can make a big difference, and a double quantity can be given at specific times of need.

Aloemega, horse tonic is a mineral and omega rich superfood tonic packed full of super berry goodness! This Aloe Vera and Sea Buckthorn supplement supports optimum skin, coat, joint, and gastrointestinal health of your horse. Aloemega offers all round support to the digestive and immune system, By soothing and nourishing the fine mucosal membranes lining the stomach and digestive tract, Aloemega helps your horse feel more comfortable from the inside. With potent Omega-rich properties, Aloemega also helps promote skin and coat condition so your horse will look ‘well’ on the outside too. includes multiple active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, to promote good all round health and essential for maintaining a healthy metabolism. While Aloemega won’t make your horse fly, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants it will help him feel good!

Airway, All year round horses are exposed to environmental problems such dust, mould or pollen in the air, which can cause recurrent respiratory disorders. Airway is a powerful blend of plant extracts and oils to encourage full capacity of lung function in horses and to support a healthy immune system. Airway is particularly recommended for horses exposed to a dusty environment or those sensitive to even slightly dusty forage, pollen etc. A completely natural solution to help maintain and support the immune response of the respiratory system and to help keep the airways clear.

Colikare, horse digestion supplement is a highly palatable, fast-acting liquid feed supplement designed to absorb intestinal gas and quickly help a horse feel more comfortable. Helps reduce gassy build-ups – and tastes good! Ideal for horses prone to a grassy stomach or who react at times of stress. Colikare can be fed daily or only when needed to help disperse uncomfortable gas and relax stomach cramps.

Remember to add to note your choice of supplement for the special offer.

Special offer-Mud Bug Buster 300g and a supplement of your choice from Activgait, Airway, Aloemega or Colikare.

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