Swet-itch treatment for horses The Neem tree is an evergreen tree indigenous to India. Neem oil is pressed from the seeds of the tree - Pro-Equine supplies only 100% cold-pressed Neem oil. In India, Neem is most commonly used to control insects and mites, and for minor wound care.

insect repellent for horsesNeem oil contains vitamin E and many essential amino acids which help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. It can therefore be used on all skin-types, even sensitive,  and for minor wound care. On minor wounds its collagen properties promote healthy, new skin and reduce scar tissue. Neem also encourages healthy hair re-growth.

Neem oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Neem oil has repellent properties and has been scientifically tested for use against midges.The University of Edinburgh1 evaluated Neem oil for “repellent and anti-feedant activity” against the biting midge Culicoides impunctatus and concluded that blood-feeding by the midge was “significantly reduced by topical applications of Neem oil”.

midge fly repellent for horses Neem can be used against flies, midges, lice and mites, for minor wounds, scar reduction and hair re-growth. Neem oil can be used neat (on humans and animals) or can be diluted (to make a rinse solution or spray) by adding a small amount of a mild detergent along with water. A dilution of at least 1 part Neem to 20 parts water is recommended for a fly spray. It is also fine to use Neem even when the sun is shining!

Using Neem Oil for the itchy horse

Neem Oil should be used to avoid midges biting and causing issues. Once your horse has been bitten and is itchy, Neem Oil can be applied neat to the itchy and rubbed areas. Neem helps stop further biting from the midges, deeply moisturises and soothes the skin and encourages rapid hair re-growth.

Using Neem Oil for mud issues

Leg issues usually occur during the wet, muddy winter months, caused by a bacteria in the soil. Signs are thick, solid legs, hair falling out and scabs. Neem oil should be rubbed directly onto the problem area, up to twice a day to soften and remove the scabs (without the need for shampooing), to soothe and to kill the bacteria. A Generous application of Neem oil (or Pro-Equine Mud Bug Buster) before turning out will create a water-proof barrier to avoid re-occurrence.

mud fever treatment for horsesPro-Equine only supplies 100% organic, cold-pressed Neem Oil. It contains no stabilisers or preservatives so it will solidify in cool temperatures. To re-liquify, simply warm up, for example in the microwave. During the winter months, we would recommend decanting an amount of Neem Oil into a smaller, microwavable container, or a container that can be stood in hot water.

"I've been using your Neem Oil recently for a couple of different things. The three boys all have half a mane having been rubbed out by fly rugs over the summer and I can see a difference in the hair re-growth already! Also, I've been using it on their legs before there are any signs, it’s fab as the mud just slides off. It’s such a great product & can be used for so many things - an essential in every grooming kit!" Jane E

1Toward development of neem-based repellents against the Scottish Highland biting midge Culicoides impunctatus. Blackwell A, Evans KA, Strang RH, Cole M. Med Vet Entomol  2004 Dec;18(4):449-52. />