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Neem oil for horses offers numerous benefits in the equestrian market and if you haven’t heard of this miraculous oil yet then you need to catch up! Neem oil is simply one of nature’s marvels, a derivative of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) the oil is produced by the cold pressing of the fruit/seed and provides natural protection and care for horse skin.

With its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, neem effectively moisturises and soothes the skin. The oil’s richness in vitamin E and essential amino acids further contributes to its skin-nourishing properties. Additionally, neem oil contains collagen, which aids in the growth of healthy skin, reduces scar tissue, and promotes rapid hair re-growth. By utilizing neem oil, you can restore your horse’s skin and coat to optimal health.

Ah, but there’s so much more, Neem oil has a multitude of uses, read on to see our top 5 reasons why neem oil for horses should be in every grooming and first aid kit.

1# It can be unbearable watching our horse’s being eaten alive during the summer months. With anti-feedant properties, neem protects from biting insects and is a breakthrough for horses that particularly suffer from an allergic reaction from insect bites and blood sucking critters. The best way to protect your horse is to use a neem solution spray, rinse or shampoo such as Alternative Fly Spray or Bug Buster Shampoo.

2# Reduces itching and rubbing due to its natural fatty acid and vitamin E content. These help to restore the protective barriers of the skin helping to lock moisture in, and soothe dry, cracked and sore skin. Helps to hydrate and protect severely dry skin that can contribute to unbearable itching. Our neem range includes everything your horse needs to help.

3# Hair regrowth can be slow and stubborn, often after rug rubs or scratching out mane and tails, but applying neem oil for horses to any affected areas can speed up results. Pro-Neem Oil is the ideal product, formulated with Neem and hair restorative essential oils including Rosemary.

4# Minor wounds, cuts, grazes and problem skin issues can benefit greatly due to the combination of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Neem oil for horses also helps protect from flies and biting insects and will reduce irritation and secondary problems to the wound site, promoting a much healthier environment for healthy tissue re-growth. A light Aloe Vera gel infused with neem oil such as Wunder Gel helps soothe and protect delicate areas.

5# Healthy strong hooves with the application of neat neem oil, swap your normal hoof oil to neem and see the difference! Moisturises dry, cracked hooves and promotes healthy horn re-growth.

As you can see neem oil for horses can help benefit in many ways, Pro-Equine have been manufacturing neem products since 2004 and have a dedicated neem page on the website. Here you will find everything you need in neem for both your horse and dog.




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