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Our best selling product! Wunder Gel neem wound and fly gel is first aid in a tub – plus very effective against biting beasties! A multi-purpose Aloe Vera and Neem gel packed with nourishing vitamins & minerals for minor wound care and problem skin issues.

Aloe Vera includes 6 antiseptic agents, as well as being a wonderful skin soother to irritated areas. Neem is antibacterial, promotes new, healthy skin tissue, reduces scarring and promotes rapid hair re-growth. Neem also gives long-lasting protection from biting insects, flies and midges, so is great for itchy horses/ponies who rub their manes and tails.

Wunder Gel soothes & moisturises itchy, cracked skin and is easy to apply to those sensitive, scabby areas such as heels and white socks. Wunder Gel can be applied to humans & other animals – it should be in every grooming box/tackroom! ** NOW AVAILABLE IN A 1KG PAIL **

A multi-purpose Aloe Vera and Neem wound and fly gel is packed with nourishing vitamins & minerals for minor wound care, problem skin issues and fly protection.

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Customer Reviews

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V M Martin (Taunton, England, United Kingdom)
Fantastic product

Works wonders keeping flies away from my mare’s in the Spring/Summer. Brilliant on wounds too.

Sabrina Willis
I share the Wonders of Wunder Gel with many

This product has been used with success on several horses - so when anyone asks what I use for itchy damaged skin I am more than happy to provide them with details

Ann Bowman
Very effective

Works well to stop midge attacks. Noticeable difference if I don’t use it. Horses love it so I think it must be soothing as well.

Jill Leitch
It works!

With the flies and midges being so bad this year i hadn’t found a product that was effective on my horses without going down the strong chemical based fly repellent route but the wunder gel works! I’ve used it on my horses faces, ears and sheath areas with no insect bites at all - will definitely buy again

Stella Hayes (Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom)
Wunder Gel with Neem

We love this product and use it all the time - the results are fast and effective - no white hairs on accident prone show ponies. We have never seen anything like it. Would recommend to everyone - we always have it with us including shows.

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