Soothe joint pain & improve mobility

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Our Blog

This is a bad time of year for any horse, or human, that suffers from stiffness or sore joints. Our agent, Fiona, has an 18-year old mare who was on very high levels of Turmeric on a daily basis. Fiona put the mare on Activgait to help improve mobility and saw the difference in days. Fiona says: “Amazing stuff!! I have completely cut out the turmeric and feed Activgait at the recommended dose. My mare now shows no sign of stiffness and no longer has the gassy stomach which was a result of the turmeric. It’s also so much cheaper than turmeric and so much more convenient to administer.”

Activgait is designed to soothe joint pain and support the maintenance of cartilage and ligaments. As with all Pro-Equine products, it’s fast-acting and contains no banned substances.

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