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Pro-Equine are committed to sourcing the best ingredients for our natural product range, as well as supporting local farming and businesses. Our green ethos is the heart and soul of Pro-Equine and if you read on you will understand why we are excited to include rapeseed oil in our range, sourced locally from Norvite. Based in the heart of Aberdeenshire and literally on our doorstep, Norvite have four manufacturing plants in Scotland from which they make mineral supplements and concentrates, produce blended feeds and cold-press rapeseed oil. Being the only privately-owned mineral manufacturers in Scotland means that they are in control of the high quality of their products.

Norvite supply Pro-Equine with its high quality cold-pressed rapeseed oil, produced in Norvite’s bespoke cold-pressing plant in Aberdeenshire from locally grown seeds. NOPS approved – guaranteed free of contaminants and therefore suitable for competition horses, this golden delicious oil is highly palatable to horses. Balanced Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and a natural source of antioxidants, it is great for skin and coat health. It’s also a slow release energy oil ideal for horses that are sensitive to high starch feeds. We use this super beneficial oil in Activgait, Airway and Colikare.

Rather than using solvents or heat treatment, the process simply squeezes the seeds to remove the oil, preserving the oil’s natural nutritional properties.

Norvite attained Organic Accreditation in 2006 with its Ethos range of organic minerals and was also the first mobile milling operator in the UK to gain organic approval.

In 2022, Norvite commissioned a solar array on the roof of the plant. Installed by local specialists AES Solar of Forres, and covering the entire roof of the production plant, this renewable energy generates 94000kwh of electricity per annum, saving at least 44 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Norvite offer their own brand of straight rapeseed oil (Neoflo), it’s also available in our joint, respiratory and digestion supplements, all of which are available from Norvite stores.

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