Protect your horse from harmful sunshine

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Our Blog

Your horse just like humans, can be susceptible to sunburn. Sun-sensitive horses will have skin discolouration from pink through to dark, red-brown with ongoing exposure. Sunburn creates tenderness and/or pain in the area affected, sometimes with minor localised swelling. Sunburn causes the skin to thicken, harden, crack and peel, exposing the layers below to the environment and insects.

Pro-Equine’s Lavender Sunblock has been designed to protect your horse and the delicate skin exposed to the sun. It is easy to apply, offers excellent coverage and is long-lasting. This soothing all natural paste contains UV filters, to reflect and absorb UVB rays, combined with lavender to help calm sensitive areas, such as the nose, ears and pasterns. Pro-Equine Lavender Sunblock dries on application and will not rub off if using a fly mask and will withstand your horse’s normal grazing and drinking.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a natural alternative to the chemical formulations of most sunscreens which often cause irritation or allergic reactions, particularly on sensitive skin. There are numerous ways that zinc oxide works on the skin to block damage from UVA and UVB rays. It is a mineral and sits on top of the skin reflecting the sun and providing a physical barrier to the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Lavender is rightly famous for its fragrance but its formidable healing properties are essential during sunburn season. Lavender comes to the rescue to relieve discomfort and speed up healing.

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