Pro-Equine to the Rescue!

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Our Blog

The third championship was the Petplan Finals at Morris Equestrian on 14th and 15th October. Again, it was unseasonably mild for the time of year and despite Thomas having been clipped two weeks before he was very sweaty after his first test. Pro-Equine’s Coolwash was a saviour as I was able to cool him down by sponging him with it in his stable as there wasn’t really anywhere else I could wash him off. He hates being sweaty so this stopped him trying to dismantle his stable as he was brushing up against the walls trying to get comfortable. At the competition, Aberdeen based rider Yvonne Watt’s horse, unfortunately had a reaction to a sting or a bite that caused a swelling in his girth area. Yvonne was all set to withdraw Zed, but thankfully spoke to Catherine who was able to provide some Itch-eze spray and Wonder Gel which helped take the heat out and the swelling went down. Yvonne had Zed checked by a vet who happened to be there with her sister who was competing and she confirmed he should be fine to compete. Not only was he fine, but he danced his socks off to get the highest percentage they have ever had and won the class! Yvonne was quite emotional after her test as she thought she wouldn’t be able to compete. Now she will start planning her trip down to Hartpury in April to contest the Petplan Elementary Silver Championship. She is very grateful to Pro-Equine and we were only too happy that we could be of help.

Speaking of winners, Pro-Equine sponsored rider, Carmen Gammie, won the Inter I section with Leya and will also be making the trip to Hartpury. Meanwhile, Thomas and I will be keeping everything crossed for a Wildcard as we were 2nd in the Medium Silver section.

And, the morale of this story is, always have a stock of Pro-Equine products in the lorry. You never know when your horse (or you) will be in need of them.

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