Prevention is better than cure – Mud Bug Buster does both!

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Our Blog

They say prevention is better than cure and now that we are heading into the depths of winter a big concern for horse owners is the dreaded mud fever. This can be a painful and sometimes debilitating problem for horses, but it can be prevented. At this time of year, the ground is wet and mud is often a big issue. If your horse is out 24/7 then it may not have a chance to escape it and even if it is stabled, getting the legs dry and clean can be easier said than done. To help prevent mud fever Pro-Equine recommend the use of Mud Bug Buster. There is no need to wash or scrub the legs. So long as they are dry just slap it on! Mud Bug Buster is antibacterial and creates a protective waterproof barrier, stopping the mud from breaking down the skin. The key ingredient is Neem which is well known for its healing properties. If mud fever has already developed, then Mud Bug Buster can be used to treat the affected area as the ointment is non-irritating. It softens the scabs so they can simply be wiped off, it immediately tackles any itching and soothes pain at the same time as encouraging healthy skin repair and hair re-growth. I have read several articles on mud fever and the consensus seems to be (from vets as well) not to constantly wash the legs which makes them susceptible to infection. If you want to wash your horse’s legs before applying Mud Bug Buster, then we recommend the use of Bug Buster Shampoo with Neem. The Bug Buster Shampoo contains Neem so is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and, like all of our shampoos, is 100% natural and biodegradable with no sulphates or parabens so kind to the skin.

Another problem at this time of year is rug rubs. Whether it’s mane loss due to the use of necks and hoods or shoulder rubs from rugs moving, we have something to help! Pro-Neem is (as the name suggests!) a Neem oil based product which contains a herbal blend of essential oils. It has natural collagen properties to promote healthy new skin and hair regrowth and helps reduce scarring. It comes in a handy pocket-sized container which is useful during the cold weather. Neem can solidify in cold temperatures and just needs some warmth to liquify it. Just stick it in your trouser pocket and the warmth from your body will be enough!  And, you can also use it to disinfect your clipper blades!

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