Carmen and Opera on song from the get go

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Our Blog

We’re delighted that, after a long search, our sponsored rider Carmen Gammie has found a lovely new, young horse called Opera. Carmen takes up the story:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve updated everyone with how we’re all getting on, but 2021 so far has been a very exciting year for us. After looking for over 7 months nothing had been quite right until we found Opera. He’s a 16.1hh, 5 year old by Guardian S and has well and truly stolen our hearts. Opera came home at the end of March, and despite being slightly wild on arrival (much to my Mum’s despair!) he has settled in to be the most lovely boy. In just 3 months together we have qualified for 2 classes at the regionals (Prelim Gold and Novice Gold), competing in 6 tests together with 6 wins and scores up to and including 78%. 

Although Opera is only young we want what’s best for him so he can hopefully have a long dressage career ahead of him, so from the get go he’s been fed Activgait, Pro-Breathe and Ulsa-Soothe. I think it’s hard to appreciate how stressful a home move is for a young horse, with the new surroundings and new people. The Ulsa-Soothe has kept his tummy feeling happy whilst Opera’s world was turned upside down. Both Bubbles and Opera are fed Activgait and Pro-Breathe, at 19 and 5 these two products keep them feeling on top form. 

Bubbles is enjoying his slightly quieter life with my Mum. After his stellar performance at last year’s Nationals and the arrival of Opera, I’ve handed the reins back over to Mum. They’re having a fabulous time together – although Bubbles thinks it’s hilarious to give Mum tempi changes instead of a canter half pass! 

The plan for the rest of the summer includes a training trip down to Moody Dressage, and the summer regionals. At home we’re working away at some of the elementary movements, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a young horse but I’m sure we’ll get there! I have also got one more set of Chartered Accountancy exams to sit this year, I’m very much looking forward to having all my exams out the way – I’ve already sat 10 exams in 18 months!”

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