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Big moves for Arnie! Thanks to Colikare, Arnie, the unconventional dressage horse, has changed yards without any stress or weight loss. 2019 has been a big year for Louisa and Arnie – they started competing at Grand Prix level, in July Louisa got married and, at the end of August, Louisa decided to move Arnie to a new yard!

Louisa explains: “I work full-time as a Pharmacy Technician and Arnie needs a good routine with other yard horses, plus we both need the facilities to be able to train, especially over the winter. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about all summer but with my wedding in July I decided it wasn’t a good idea. As luck would have it, a space became available in a lovely yard with great facilities just 15 minutes from home. It’s the first time we’ve had proper lights in the school! The stables are indoors and half the arena is covered so I now have no excuses not to ride on those dark, winter nights! Arnie is also very lucky to have a horse shower and solarium!

We moved at the end of August and spent the whole of September settling in and letting Arnie get used to his huge field and the new routine. He settled so well, which really surprised me and he has just been so good! We used up his whole supply of Pro-Equine’s Colikare during the move! Arnie gets unsettled and anxious so we dosed him up on Colikare every day to help keep his stomach calm and settled. This meant he was able to utilize his feed better and he didn’t lose any weight and looks great!”

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