Racing into 2024 with our top 3 picks for your horse

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Our Blog

Happy new year to you and your horse! I can’t believe we are now into our second week, it feels like we have galloped full pelt into 2024 without a proper warm up! Pro-Equine re-opened on Monday 8th January after a well earned break and it’s business as usual. Three essential products for your horse have been flying off the shelves and one in particular you may be thinking, why at this time of year!?!

It’s not suprising that two of our digestion supplements are so popular during such wintry weather at the moment. Changes of routine, grazing and frequent stabling have been playing havoc on our horses digestive systems and mental health!

Kicking off 2024 is Colikare and Ulsa-Soothe which have both taken the top spot for the new year essential Pro-Equine product to use on your horse. We all know how it feels to overindulge at this time of year, indigestion from rich foods and uncomfortable gassy tummies from Brussel sprouts! Hands up those that spent some time sprawled out on the sofa with over fed tummies and letting loose a few moans and groans! Now, if that was my horse, I would be giving him a lick of Colikare before calling the vet. Colikare works so fast and usually after 10 mins you literally hear it working, as the saying goes, “better out than in!”

Ulsa-Soothe helps your horse stay focused and happy with a healthy gut. It’s not unusual for our customers to say, “my horse was a monster before trying Ulsa-Soothe!” As with all the Pro-Equine supplements range it can be fed regularly or only when required. Find out much more about Colikare and Ulsa-Soothe and what our customers have to say.

I am really pleased to see so many orders of Coolwash recently, yes you heard right! Coolwash won a well deserved Horse and Rider “Best In Test” award last year, a fantastic plant based non rinse wash for after exercise care. One of my favourite products which we also used on our hot dog and as a foot soak during last summer. Another favoutite for our gutsy event riders who start stocking up early March, but did you know that Coolwash is an excellent skin conditioning product to use with hot clothing on your horse during winter? With it’s soothing Aloe Vera and botanical plant oils, adding this to your hot cloth regime will improve a healthy shine and really take care of your horses skin and coat through the winter months.

Don’t forget to read our customers testimonials and reviews which you can find on the product pages. Keep up to date with all our news and offers on our social media. All Pro-Equine products can be bought online and in most UK equestrian shops. 






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