Secret Santa Gift Ideas

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Our Blog

Did someone say Christmas? I can’t believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Where has the year gone? I swear every year goes past more quickly than the last, but maybe that’s just a sign of growing older! How’s your Christmas shopping going? Not sure what to get your horsey friends?  Maybe your yard does a Secret Santa. Well, you can always resort to the usual go-to’s of smellies, boxes of chocolates or a bottle of Prosecco, but don’t we always get too many of those at Christmas? – well apart from Prosecco, you can never have too many bottles of Prosecco! How about something a little bit different which is also very handy and practical to have around the yard? Pro-Equine can help find that perfect gift. Most of our skin care products come in handy 100g and 300g tubs. Why not make up a Christmas Gift Pack by mixing and matching some of these products? There are plenty to choose from like our Aloe Vera Gels with Arnica, Manuka and Tea-Tree or the Itch-eze Gel, or how about our range of shampoos? Then there is always the must-have product in every tack room, Wonder Gel. It’s not called Wonder Gel for no reason! It’s useful for so many minor wound care problems, who wouldn’t be happy to receive a tub of this? And let’s not forget our canine friends as, let’s face it, most of us who have horses also seem to have other four- legged friends to care for. In the dog range there’s Itch-eze gel and spray, Dermasolve (a Neem-based skincare product) and the Bug Buster shampoo and spray.

This month we are giving away Secret Santa gifts with certain products so remember to keep checking out the website and our Facebook page for these and our special offers – like the Neem Oil and Mud Bug Buster Winter Survival Pack. I’m sure you will find something to make even the yard misery guts smile this Christmas!

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