A multi-purpose Aloe Vera and Neem gel packed with nourishing vitamins & minerals for minor wound care. Aloe Vera includes 6 antiseptic agents, as well as being a wonderful skin conditioner. Neem is antibacterial, promotes new, healthy skin tissue, reduces scarring and promotes rapid hair re-growth.
Neem also gives long-lasting protection from biting insects, flies and midges, so is great for itchy horses/ponies who rub their manes and tails. 

Wunder Gel soothes & moisturises itchy, cracked skin and is easy to apply to those sensitive, scabby areas such as heels and white socks.
Wunder Gel can be applied to humans & other animals - it should be in every grooming box/tackroom!

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Wunder gel for mallenders

My very hairy cob had mallendars and using straight neem oil for a week then wundergel for a week has pretty much entirely cleared up the mallendars.

Wunder Gel 5*****

My horse cut his inside thigh 3 weeks ago and once cleaned and hair shaved off I used the “Wonder Gel”.
The end result today is amazing from the flesh wound a few weeks ago to now hardly a scar. 5*****
Always recommend 👍

Brilliant for all scraps and sores

I find that wonder gel is brilliant at healing all scraps and small cut. It really promotes new hair growth within a week. With my accident prone horse I wouldn’t be without it.

Winder Gel

Love this product. First time I’ve bought it and finding lots of uses for it. It has healed my horses cut lip and also the dry flaky skin on his face(possibly rain scald) keeps flys away too.

It is actually magic!

I have had this cream before and had success with minor scrapes and fly bites. I recommended it to a friend who has a horse who suffered a sting from a hog weed a few years ago. Every summer she said it flares up, blistering and scabbing badly and looks very painful. She was hopeful, but pessimistic as anything she has used prior hadn’t ever made a difference. We decided to try the cream, just after the first application the day after there was a noticeable difference. 3 applications in total and it was gone, just under a week. The affected area was about 1 inch x 2 inches with a scab thickness of around 5/6mm so that gives you an idea of how large it was! Seriously impressed, never seen quite a positive reaction from something topical, especially something as natural as this without any steroids! Bravo, hats off!!