Some horses show clear signs that all is not well with their immune system. There can be more subtle signs that a horse is below par, such as exercise intolerance and poor performance. Pro-Equine has developed the liquid supplement Airway to encourage full capacity lung function in horses and to support a healthy immune system. Containing a powerful blend of both Echinacea and garlic, Airway is particularly recommended for horses exposed to a dusty environment or even slightly dusty forage.

The herb Echinacea has been used for centuries as an aid for a healthy immune system, in humans and horses alike! Echinacea can be fed to your horse on a regular basis or just when needed, such as during the winter months. Echinacea can be given before, during and after competing and when a horse is recovering from illness.

Research(1) has shown that giving horses Echinacea can have a positive influence in their red blood cells and haemoglobin (the molecule that transports oxygen to the cells).
(1) The Equine Research Centre (ERC) in Guelph, Ontario

Pro-Equine products that contain Echinacea: Airway, Echinancea Tincture, Pro-Breathe

"The shop where I buy my equestrian goodies had run out of my usual supplement (I do use supplements as my horses are stabled every night and I prefer to try to "avoid" problems) and I bought a bottle of Airway to 'make do' till my usual came in. I am still using Airway 6 months later and now have 4 horses on it. As far as I am concerned the horses can work for longer before tiring and tolerate more hard work. I am never without a bottle now in the tack room." Moyra C