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by | Jul 6, 2022 | Our Blog

Have you ever wondered why your pets always like to chew on the long grass at the edge of your garden? Animals instinctively know which plants and grasses are naturally beneficial to them. Couch grass is the grass that dogs, cats and horses seek out as a natural medicine. Couch grass thrives in loose soil which is why you will rarely see it grow in more compacted grazing areas. Take notice the next time your horse tries to snatch at that green clump of goodness. Read on to learn more about Couch grass benefits.

Digestive Health

When animals seek out a natural solution to ease digestive problems, their top choice is always Couch grass. The rich mucilage content of the rhizome provides many digestive benefits. It absorbs toxins from the bowel and gives bulk to stools, which in turn can lower bowel transit time. It protects against ingested toxins and bacteria, helps to regulate intestinal flora, relaxes and soothes the gut lining and protects against gastric acidity.

Urinary health

A powerful diuretic, Couch grass has soothing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory actions to help support problem conditions of the urinary system.

Respiratory Health

Couch grass is an expectorant herb that helps to alleviate irritating coughs and promotes clearing of mucous congestion. The rich silica content also has a healing effect on the lungs.

Skin, coat and more

Couch grass’s high silica content makes it good for improving your horse’s coat and hooves. Silica boasts bone-strengthening qualities, the compound is essential for controlling the flow of calcium in and out of bones. It improves collagen production (a protein found in skin, cartilage, blood, muscles and ligaments), improves heart and immune system and speeds up the rate and quality of recovery from tendon and ligament damage.

Couch grass is a key ingredient in both Pro-Breathe and Pro-Stamina.

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