Neem Oil 1 litre and Bug Buster Shampoo 1 litre. Buy these together and save money! 

Premium grade, cold-pressed Neem Oil for topical application to problem skin conditions. 

Neem Oil is vitamin E rich which absorbs deep into the skin moisturising dry damaged skin tissue. With added anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, Neem Oil will help protect the most vulnerable skin areas during the winter months. Ideal for Mud Fever protection and care, cracked skin and minor wounds.

Concentrated 100% natural shampoo with added Neem Oil for bug-busting protection against mini predators, such as mites, and bacterial skin conditions. Our Bug Buster Shampoo is a thick concentrated plant oil is a high lather yet easy rinse application that does not strip the coat of its natural oils. It also conditions the coat and skin leaving long-lasting fungal and bacterial protection.

FACT: Pro-Equine only supplies premium grade Neem Oil with high, active Azadirachtin content. Cheap, low grade Neem oil will not have the same results.

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