Under our Pro-Canine label, we offer a range of 100% natural products for dogs. For itchy dogs, dogs with minor wounds or hair loss, we have natural, fast-working products to help you care for your dog.

Issues relating to a dog's skin can vary enormously, but most result in dry and/or itchy skin. Although it is important to determine the underlying cause, something to help quickly is essential. We offer an Itch-eze product in both a gel and spray both of which act immediately.

Ticks, fleas and mites are a perennial problem for dogs – and their owners! Ticks are usually more problematic between April and September, but fleas and mites can be a year-round nuisance. Our easy-to-use Bug Buster products, which contain Neem , will help against a bug invasion and stop the life cycle, helping to clear your home as well as your dog. Our Bug Buster Shampoo is also chemical-free and offers lasting protection from biting beasties!

Our Dermasolve products contain Neem oil to help speed up hair re-growth as well as condition the skin. Dermasolve works effectively on balding issues particularly associated with  whippets and greyhounds. Both Dermasolve products are also ideal for minor wound care. 

Now available, Activgait a powerful, natural supplement for dogs to help with mobility and combat joint stiffness.