Colic treatment for horses, image showing horses stomach and intestine

Unfortunately, the horse’s digestive system is unusual and pretty badly designed! Luckily, horse/yard owners know their horses and the many, less obvious, signs that something's not right - not wanting to eat, standing listless at the gate, lip curling, flank watching, restlessness, pawing the ground etc.

There are several herbs traditionally used to encourage a healthy gut in horses. Fennel and peppermint are a popular combination in baby wind products and also work for horses.

Natural remedy for colic in horsesPro-Equine came to the rescue of many worried horse owners when it developed Colikare more than 10 years ago. Colikare is a highly palatable, fast-acting liquid supplement designed to absorb intestinal gas and quickly help a horse feel more comfortable. The peppermint particularly helps reduce gassy build-ups and makes Colikare taste good! Colikare is ideal for horses prone to a grassy stomach (especially after a change of pasture) or who react at times of stress. Colikare can be fed daily, for peace of mind, or only when needed.

Many horse owners like to give Colikare at times of lush, spring grass or autumn 'grass flushes'. Other obvious times are when a horse is stressed by a change of routine, or may have eaten his bedding. Colikare works fast to disperse gas and relax stomach muscles.

The fennel and marjoram in Colikare are herbs traditionally used for wind-sucking and crib-biting.

a horse that has been treated with Colikare for colic in horses and equestrian colic treatment"Colikare - wow! Since I put my gelding on Colikare 3 years ago, he has not had a single episode. I can't believe it works that well. I give it to him once a day all year round (and double the amount when we change his field) and I have a happy, healthy horse. I have been saved SO many vet's bills - thank you, Pro-Equine." Gemma N

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