Ulsa-Soothe is made up of 7 carefully selected ingredients and provides a light and soothing layer to the stomach. It does not inhibit natural acid secretion production which is important for healthy digestion in a horse.

Ulsa-Soothe suits horses frequently stabled, subject to routine changes and/or to stress. Ulsa-Soothe can be fed long-term to horses at a maintenance level. Ulsa-Soothe is also aimed at horses that need re-establishment of a healthy gut, especially after a course of aggressive drugs. 

Ulsa-Soothe contains Aloe Vera, a soothing agent, with properties of lowering bowel transit time. Seabuckthorn has an amazing profile and includes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps with stress, which can cause digestive issues. Oatseed also helps stressy horses. Liquorice extract properties include helpful flavanoids. Slippery Elm is often combined with Aloe juice for best results, having similar properties. Fennel aids appetite and digestion. Peppermint helps reduce gassy build-ups which are common during stress.

Owners report changes in their horse in a matter of days of giving Ulsa-Soothe. We recommend giving 25ml of Ulsa-Soothe with feed twice daily initially and then reducing this to 15ml twice daily. Some owners find that 15ml just once a day is enough to have a positive effect - it's a case of "horses for courses"!!

We welcome enquiries for bulk orders from livery and racing yards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Natural ways are best!

My horse showed signs of stomach discomfort along the acupuncture meridians, and is totally fine after using this product.

A life line!

Tried this product in desperation on an elderly cob with severe diarrhoea and refusing to eat. After one day she was much brighter and eating well. One week later she continues to improve and has much firmer stools.

Very palatable

The ulcer soothe is very palatable for the horse, and he certainly seems calmer and less edgy when being handled. He has put on some weight and condition and has more energy, although still prone to crib biting. Generally though there does seem to be a noticeable improvement.

Awesome product

My horse is on antibiotics for a hind gut bacteria issue and this has really helped his gassiness and he feels fantastic to ride too!

Dramatic difference in two weeks.

After recommendation from a friend decided to try Ulsa Soothe, I had tried a couple of other supplements without much success so wasn't expecting a miracle. Aldo is quite a stressy horse gastric ulcers suspected but not confirmed as I don't want to scope him because of other issues from his past, started the ulsa soothe 19 days ago, I only feed once a day so he just has one dose of 25ml a day, today he was happy to be groomed around his belly area without ears back and turning to threaten a nip, girthed up without any reaction today too, will be continuing to use it, maybe reducing the amount very very slowly in a few weeks time and then maintain from there. :grinning:

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