A powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo with Neem.

This bug-busting shampoo will rid coat of unwanted pests and leave a long-lasting protection from further infestation. Ideal for flea, tick, mite protection.

All Pro-Equine/Canine shampoos are 100% natural and biodegradable by having Plantacare, or coco-glucoside, as a base. This means no sulfates, parabens or diethanolamides. All our shampoos are a thick, concentrated combination of plant oils and extracts – a little goes a long way! All the shampoos soften and condition your horse and dogs coat and skin, promoting a healthy shine and appearance.

Be kinder to your dogs skin and coat - and the environment!


Customer Reviews

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Great product

We have small wire haired Jack Russell - his coat is always perfect after a wash with the Bug Buster shampoo. The shampoo leaves him with a clean neutral smell. Best shampoo I’ve used on him.

Highly recommended

This is such a wonderful shampoo! My dog had recently contacted an allergy on one of his paws, it was clearly irritating him slightly as he had licked a small area and removed the hair - despite washing him frequently with another shampoo his coat overall looked dull and he just wasn't quite himself. I have washed him today and what a transformation! His demeanour completely changed and he was immediately running and playing in the garden. His coat now looks absolutely amazing, there's been no more licking since and his skin is 100% better, all in just a few hours. Thank you so, so much.

my dog loves it

i found this shampoo on Amazon to help with my dog(lenny) skin he loves it he always feels better after using it and does not scratch anymore it has also helped with his hair growing back i would recommend to any dog lover

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