A powerful bug-busting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shampoo for your horse. With Neem and skin conditioning botanicals. Ideal for winter ailment care such as Mud Fever, rain scald, cracked heels.

All Pro-Equine shampoos are 100% natural and biodegradable by having Plantacare, or coco-glucoside, as a base. This means no sulfates, parabens or diethanolamides. Being a thick, concentrated combination of plant oils and extracts such as conditioning coconut oils, collagen and vitamin E – a little shampoo goes a long way! All the shampoos soften and condition your horse’s coat and skin, promoting a healthy shine and appearance.

Be kinder to your horse’s skin and coat - and the environment!

Customer Reviews

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Bug buster shampoo with neem

Very prompt delivery well packaged and a very good product will buy again

Great product

Lovely product, a little goes a long way. Nice that its a natural product too.

Sweetitch Beater?

I purchased Neem Oil and it came with a "free" sample of Bug Buster Shampoo.
I was planning to try making my own insect repellent using Neem oil and a detergent to emulsify the oil when diluted down. As shampoo came with it I thought I would try that so I used an equal volume of Neem oil and shampoo and diluted it 20:1 to the neem oil with warm water. I shook it up well and have used it as a spray on insect repellent. The neem oil seemed to emulsify quite well though it leaves a yellow tide mark if left and I shake things up well before use.
For the second trial I used half the volume of shampoo and it still worked.
Because it is pretty cheap to make I am able to thoroughly spray our cob with it twice a day. The results seem excellent.
I have not yet (15thJuly) had to put his bug rug on and although he still scratches a bit sometimes he is quite happy.
In previous years he has rubbed himself raw and even dragged his belly along the ground because of the itching and I've had to put him in a sweetitch rug.
I'm suspicious of miracle solutions and the weather has been unusual this year but so far so good.

Great Shampoo

Great Shampoo. Deep cleans but very gentle and doesn't dry out the skin. I used frequently last summer and my horse didn't get the sweet itch he did the year before. So very pleased. Lasts quite a long while too.

Soothing Shampoo

This shampoo was great to help with mudfever. Very soothing and didn’t dry the skin out like other shampoos I have used.
Another proequine product I will be keeping in my stables.

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