An antibacterial and waterproof paste. No need to wash or scrub, simply apply to dry leg before turning out. Includes key ingredients such as Neem and resins from Sumatra. The scabs are softened and easily removed, encourages healthy skin repair and hair re-growth.

This superior ointment is non-irritating, immediately tackles itching and provides 24-hour protection from the elements.

Mud Bug Buster is an ideal solution to protect vulnerable areas and minor wound exposed to wet and muddy conditions.

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Miracle cream. If your horse has white legs - it is essential!

I have a lovely coloured gelding with 4 dreaded white legs. They can easy become very scabby during warm wet conditions with even the slightest scrape turning into full blown mud fever epidemic. He has been particularly badly hit these past few months, so having tried numerous ointments, I've found this product. I've used it religiously every day for the past 2 weeks (of course to top it all, he lives out 24/7). His scabs are now so soft and small that I think we will have regained control within just a few more days! I will maintain application right through until his last day now, it's worked absolute wonders! Thank you!!

Love this product

I have used this on mud fever that just wouldn’t go. It does the job, smells lovely and nice on my hands – no gloves required to apply it unlike the neem oil.
Simple to use. I washed the legs once with the Bug Buster Shampoo, dried them and then applied mud bug buster every morning before turn out. I brushed off the previous days mud from our very muddy fields just before applying.

Will be part of my first aid kit from now on.

It has the wow factor

Well what can I say about this product, it’s absolutely amazing I love the stuff, the reason being is that it’s all natural and gives brilliant cover for my horse, my horse is a grey and has pink sensitive skin specially on his back legs, my livery yards fields have no drainage so the fields can get very wet and pouched very easily, I have been using mud bug Buster every time he goes out and I always check where the mud fever would like to go and he has had no sign what so ever all thanks to this product, I love how it’s like a wax type cream and it sticks to the skin very well it also moisturisers it and keeps the skin supple, I also love how the skin is nice in the mornings no oily residue or parts of it which is still on like sudo cream can do, it doesn’t suffercate the skin either, the smell is gorgeous. All in all I love it so much I highly recommend it. So glad I have found this site. Xx

Best stuff I've found

My 30 year old has always had chronic cracked heels which get very uncomfortable. Over the years I've tried lots of different treatments. This is by far the best. It soothes the skin, gets any scabs off and he is happy having it applied.


I have a Highland pony that has had dry patches with scabs on behind his knees for over three years. I have tried lots of different products on both areas but nothing seemed to make any difference.
This winter with it being so wet I bought mud bug buster to prevent him from getting mud fever, I thought I would give that a try behind his knees. I put it on every second day for a week the scabs and dry skin have gone. What an excellent product

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