At last a natural and effective spray for humans to tackle pesky midges! Completely natural, with no hidden chemicals or scary Deet or citronella, Midge-Los has a pleasant smell of refreshing peppermint and geranium. It comes in a handy pocket-sized spray. A key ingredient in Midge-Los is Neem oil which has been clinically tested by the University of Edinburgh to repel the dreaded Highland midge. Each spray will give long-lasting protection from the biting midge.

Midge-Los also has antiseptic properties and can be applied to minor wounds to keep them clean. Containing geranium means that Midge-Los is also good for bruising.

Midge-Los is safe to use on horses and pets and is multi-functional whilst on the yard or out and about! 


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Dreaded Thai mosquito meets its match....

Felt l had to write a review about this Los midge spray.. l only have one thing to say, absolutely brilliant. lam a constant traveller to Thailand, go for a month at a time to visit the family as my wife is Thai. Anyways l have tried all the various antii midge sprays from deet to the special forces jungle patches. Tried the local Thai midge cream which you tend to sweat off after a short time, leaving you at the mercy off their relentless onslaught. My sister was given a bottle by a kind lady who wanted me to try it on my holiday and give back some info. l would apply the spray on my hands and rub it all over me, has a nice smell too. l would sit on my patio ever night with the family watching them all fighting off these little buggers, amusing to watch.. Anyways l sat there every night and watched the little blighters go up and down my arms legs and all over, but they would not land on me and bite. l was astounded at this, take it from me.. Get it you won't be disappointed.. Only place l was bitten was soles of my feet as l never applied it there. My small bottle didn't last too long as everyone else started using it too..

It works!!!!!

I am very impressed with this product.
Midge-Los actually works!
I am also reassured that it is made only from natural products.
I have bought each of my family a bottle to take with them for protection from bugs regardless if they are fishing. golfing,walking , riding, even sleeping.
A wonderful product!


I watched with interest as everyone else at the Riding Club field scratched and waved their arms madly to shoo away the midgies and flies, despite liberal applications of whatever fly spray they had brought - I was riding in short sleeves and wasn't being bitten at all, and neither was my horse! And all thanks to Midge-LOS Spray.
My very cynical fisherman brother-in-law had decided already that it wouldn't work - and had given my gift of it away. His mates were quickly on the phone asking for more supplies, in bigger bottles, as they prepared for the fishing and shooting season in the Highlands. Definitely the best I've used for years!

Best ever

Best Midge repellent ever! I'm allergic and can swell up like a balloon but with this on I just don't get bitten, even on the Isle of Skye. I will not go camping or hill walking without it.

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