Coolwash is a soothing but refreshing blend of peppermint, tea tree and aloe vera. Used after exercise, Coolwash removes sweat and grease residue and refreshes and cools the body, muscles and legs, with no need for rinsing. Coolwash lasts for hours and helps reduce your horse’s recovery time.

Coolwash does not include alcohol or chemicals which can dry out the coat, instead it nourishes and conditions the skin and coat. Coolwash can also be used as a leg brace and for bandage soaking. A 100% natural, biodegradable concentrate, a little goes a long way!

"I have a black Welsh cob who is always hot and sweaty after lessons or competing. Coolwash is brilliant as I just add a splash to water, wash him down, scrape it off and that's it! No need to rinse. Thomas loves it as it gets rid of the sweat and the peppermint cools him down quickly too and leaves a nice smell!" Jane E

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Love it

Amazing product. Smells fab.

Love this product!

Effortlessly removes sweat/grease and smells gorgeous!

Smells amazing!!!!

This cool wash is a must in my lorry wash bucket!! The horses just love it and you feel it working as you wash them off, it gets rid of all the sweat and muck after xc and leaves them feeling refreshed, clean and smelling amazing!!!

This is a must-have in your grooming kit

This is easily one of my favourite items in my grooming kit. After doing fast work or a tough session I always wash my mare down with coolwash, it keeps her coat in great condition and leaves a super shine. Use this a few times, then go back to washing down just with water - I can personally guarantee you'll notice a difference!

Fabulously cooling and reviving!

I love this! Quickly and easily removes sweat after exercise and leaves the coat clean and smooth - and smelling lovely! Added bonus is that there is no need to rinse!

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