Activgait is carefully formulated to support equine joint mobility and cartilage health. Activgait helps joint mobility and elasticity in horses young and old.

Activgait contains FEI approved ingredients including powerful and natural yucca, as well as celery seed and Chinese ginger, to work on the circulation and to aid the speedy delivery of the key ingredients to muscle and joints.

Fast-acting, natural and legal. Activgait can be given regularly or just when needed, for example when competing or after heavy exertion. Often a small amount can make a big difference, and a double quantity can be given at specific times of need.

Customer Reviews

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Superb results!

I have had my 17.1hh 19 year old on Pro Equine Activgait for almost a month and have noticed very obvious improvements in his way of going and energy levels. I no longer feel him stiff in his warm up, in fact I can almost half the time needed, he is raring to go and feels soft and forward! Lots of antics in the field have also confirmed he is feeling brilliant. Absolutely delighted with the changes and will continue to feed long term. Highly recommend.

Spring chicken

One word.... Wow!!! This is a feed room essential for the yard now. Ive always avoided joint supplements as I find them complicated but after calling Pro-Equine and talking about my worries we decided that Activgait was worth a bash and we've used it ever since!! My 11 year old gelding feels like a 4 year old so much so we've reduced the rate as a maintenance level and then on the run up, during and after a show I feed the reccomended rate. I've noticed a huge improvement in his jumping and action whilst been ridden.

A 5* product that I high reccomend for any horse owner


I have been using Activgait as a daily supplement for several years now and find that it helps my horses enjoy life. All of them have arthritis to varying extents but Activgait keeps them mobile. My six horses range from 13yr old eventer to 31 yr old ex hunter and 32 yr old ex pacer (who can still manage to look and act like a 7yr old in the field, albeit only for a little while). My 14yr old Irish Sports Horse suffered serious setbacks (broken pelvis followed by a front shoulder paralysis by the time he was 9 yr old) but made enough recovery to compete at International 2 star before I retired him in 2013. All of that thanks to Activgait and the commitment of his rider.

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