Activgait horse supplement is carefully formulated to support equine joint mobility and cartilage health. Activgait helps joint mobility and elasticity in horses young and old.

Activgait ingredients include powerful and natural yucca, as well as celery seed and Chinese ginger, to work on the circulation and to aid the speedy delivery of the key ingredients to muscle and joints.

Fast-acting, natural and legal, Activgait can be given regularly or just when needed, for example when competing or after heavy exertion. Often a small amount can make a big difference, and a double quantity can be given at specific times of need.

Customer Reviews

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Reallly notice a difference when using this. I now have both on it and it’s a good price as you don’t need to use much

Eases arthritis

Activgait ensures the arthritis in Charlie’s hocks is eased so he is happy hacking and parading in the City of London!!


One of the best supplements I’ve ever brought !
My two old hunters one being 29 this year , I didn’t think we see this winter out , after 2days he’s a different man !! He has his legs again

fantastic product

Was recommended this product by a friend for my 13 year old parsons Russell dog who was struggling with his back legs. The results were amazing he can run jump and has no issues with getting up the stairs now would strongly recommend it for dogs with joint issues.

Superb results!

I have had my 17.1hh 19 year old on Pro Equine Activgait for almost a month and have noticed very obvious improvements in his way of going and energy levels. I no longer feel him stiff in his warm up, in fact I can almost half the time needed, he is raring to go and feels soft and forward! Lots of antics in the field have also confirmed he is feeling brilliant. Absolutely delighted with the changes and will continue to feed long term. Highly recommend.

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