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Winter coughs

November 05, 2017

Winter coughs

It's not just the owners coughing and sneezing and feeling rotten at this time of year! As we prepare to stable our horses more over this winter it is more common to hear that dreaded horse cough from our equine friends as they spend more time indoors.

The causes of winter coughs tend to be either environmental or an infection. Environmental causes include dust, mould or spores from hay or bedding, which get into the lungs and cause inflammation in the airways. Although herbs should never be used as an alternative to any veterinary medication a horse might need, they can certainly help in the treatment of many conditions and especially during the recovery process. Pro-Equine offers two supplements to help reduce the frequency and intensity of coughing. Airway and Pro-Breathe. Both FEI approved, herbal extracts soothe the airways and relax bronchial spasms. Selected herbs also fight viruses that cause respiratory illnesses. 

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