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by | Aug 24, 2017 | Our Blog

Do you feed your horse a joint supplement? Is your supplement legal and will it be from 1st January 2018? You may not be aware but Dimethyl Sulphone, often referred to as MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane), is the active ingredient in many of the products available and is currently on the FEI proposed changes list to the Equine Prohibited Substances List which will become effective from 1st January 2018. Whilst we are aware that manufacturers are currently appealing this ban, there is no guarantee that the appeal will be successful. So, what is the alternative? Pro-Equine’s Activgait does not contain MSM but instead uses natural and powerful YUCCA, the properties of which have long been exploited by the North American Indians.  The yucca is combined with ginger and celery seed (more about their properties is available on the website). An additional benefit of using Activgait is that there is no loading dose, unlike many supplements, and it does not have to be fed every day. You can up or reduce the dose depending on your horse’s needs. All of Pro-Equine’s sponsored riders use Activgait.

Speaking from experience I have used several of the more commonly available supplements in the past and, whilst I think they did a job, at one point I had three horses on different supplements for different reasons and the cost was becoming significant. Five years ago, I discovered Activgait and trialled it on my then 11 year old who had received surgery for a cartilage tear in his stifle. Unfortunately, the tear was so bad that he would never be sound to be ridden but I needed something to keep him field-sound. The difference in him was immediately noticeable. He also seemed to be more active in the field. Seeing the difference in him, I started my older boy on it, who was then in his teens, and came to me on loan on a specific supplement to help with stiffness. I noticed a difference in him when being ridden, not having to spend so long in walk to get him working freely. I then decided to put my younger horse on it as a preventative as he was working at higher level dressage.

As I say that was five years ago they started on Activgait. The retired boy is now 17 and still enjoys a gallop around with his field mates, never looking sore. The younger one is now 11 and competing at Advanced Medium dressage, and, well what can I say about the old boy! He is now 22 and I took him to a show recently where he won his in-hand veteran class with the judge commenting on how supple he was for his age. Unfortunately, in the ridden veteran class he behaved like a 5 year old with some airs above the ground – obviously wanting to show the judge just how supple he is but rather embarrassing in a Veteran class! He still placed 3rd though!

While supplements do a job, it must be said that they are no substitute for regular work, veterinary, farriery and physio care, all of which work together to keep your horse supple, sound and pain free.

If you are at Blair International Horse Trials, come and find us on our stand beside the Banvie arena and we will be happy to discuss the benefits of Activgait with you.

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